Everyone loves a picnic, but sometimes it’s hard to decide what to bring with you. Discover our top picnic essentials that will guarantee a great time!

The picnic is a quintessentially British pastime. Gather your best pals and head to your favourite park or beach to spend a day grazing in the sun. To elevate your picnic, we've gathered together a few of our top picnic essentials to impress your friends and make it the picnic to remember. 


Yeti Cool-box and Yeti Wine Tumbler 

Yeti products have been an essential for picnics for years, and are now available here in the UK. We love the cool-boxes and even have our own custom Vinca Yeti for keeping our canned wines nice and cold at events. They ooze quality and will keep all your canned wine cold for hours. 

Gails - Picnic on the Green

The most stressful part of deciding what to bring to a picnic is usually the food. And whilst a good supermarket will have all your favourite picnic snacks ready to go, we prefer preordering and collecting a Gails Picnic on the Green Hamper. You can even order on Deliveroo and have it delivered straight to the park. Inside you’ll find an assortment of tasty treats to keep your guests well fed, including a beetroot salad, olive sourdough, salami, madeleines, a summer greens salad (which pairs wonderfully with a can of crisp white Vinca) and more. It all conveniently comes in a beautiful tote bag. Voila!

Style Out Your Picnic Blanket

Now, you wouldn't want your friends sat on the grass, especially if you want to throw that unforgettable picnic. A nice throw or blanket will really make your guests feel like you've made an effort. We love the blankets from Stray Studio, they are beautifully designed and look fabulous, so they are definitely and essential for a chic picnic.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable 

Comfort is key. While some guests might not mind sitting on the floor, why not go all out and pick up a an inflatable hammock or two - perfect for when you've had one-madeleine-too-many. Windpouch is our go-to. They look great, are easy to put up and and means nobody will be uncomfortable. 

Set The Vibes With A Bluetooth Speaker

In our opinion, picking the right tunes is almost as much as a picnic essential as the food. It sets the mood and a good bluetooth speaker means people can jump on and play their current favourites. While there are plenty of options on the market, we've always loved the sound quality of a Bose bluetooth speaker when relaxing outdoors. 

Eco Plates and Cutlery

Take your outdoor occasion to the next level by packing a proper table setting. Here at Vinca we’re all about the planet - so a set of handmade, compostable dinnerware from Palm Leaf just makes sense.  


What better way to round off a lovely day in the park than with a fun post picnic activity. We’re obsessed with cornhole at the moment - a great group game that everyone can get involved with. We even bought a cornhole set for our Vinca summer party. It involves tossing bags of maize kernels at a target consisting of an upward sloping wooden platform with a hole at one end. Norfolk Boards make a pretty sturdy set!

Vinca Canned Wine Picnic Pack

We couldn't make a list of our Top Picnic Essentials without showing off our very own Vinca Picnic Pack. Canned wine is a great picnic companion, it's light, stays colder for longer and no glass means you can pop the empty cans in the recycling and have no risk of any glass breaking on your picnic trip. Our picnic pack also includes an organic cotton cool bag to keep your cans cold. Order here.

Try out our top picnic essentials on your next occasion to take your picnic to the next level!


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