About Our Wine Company

Vinca exists to elevate the quality of canned wine.

We only use exceptional organic wines from Sicily, all of which are award winning and you would never tell it was out of a can! We’ve invested in cans with a special organic lining so the wine never touches the aluminium and won't affects the taste.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Jack, co-founder of Vinca Organic Canned Wines 👋 Together with Zak and Charlie, we’re on a mission to bring exceptional organic canned wines to anyone, anywhere.

It all started with a trip to Sicily way back when I was 18 years old and a chance meeting with a winery who put me up for the night. At the time, I was working for a small independent wine merchant back in the UK on the weekends and hadn’t yet been to a vineyard. Ever since that trip I knew I wanted to work with wine in whatever way I could.

I spent 10 years working in the London wine trade, from running prestigious fine wine shops to buying bulk wine for supermarkets. I loved it, but travelling the world seeing first hand the impact of climate change on the people who grow the grapes began to take its toll. I watched containers of empty glass bottles getting shipped around the world to be filled and sent back to the UK. I watched tens of thousands of small plastic bottles get filled knowing they would all end up in landfill. I knew there must be an alternative way of serving delicious, organic wine at events and in the travel sector in a more sustainable way. Something had to change.

Lockdown happened and I found myself talking at length in the evenings with my friends Zak and Charlie about creating Vinca Canned Wines. I knew that cans deserved better, I wanted it to be organic, and I knew I wanted to go back to where it all started… Sicily. After tasting countless wines, we finally found a winery and a winemaker producing exceptional quality organic wines. We visited the winery, became good pals over a few long lunches and decided to do it. Fast forward a few years and Vinca is now stocked in over 100 retail shops, onboard flights, at football stadiums, exported to over 10 countries and has received plenty of awards and medals.

And we are just getting started. If you want to become part of the Vinca family, follow our journey by signing up to our newsletter here


Jack, Zak and Charlie

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