Please find all our frequently asked questions about all things canned wine below. If there is anything else you'd like to ask drop us a message at ciao@vincawine.com


Does Canning Wine Affect The Flavour?

Absolutley not! In fact, we use special wine lined cans so the wine never touches the aluminium. Because it’s made from a water based resin, it means the cans are still 100% recyclable. We've teamed up with wine experts, tech geeks, and canning pros to bring you the best wine experience possible. 

But hey, it's not just about taste! These cans are lightweight, compact, and cool down super quick. Perfect for taking them along on picnics, chilling at the beach or on hikes, and even partying at festivals. And the smaller sizes make it easy to control your pour and share different awesome wines with your buddies, no waste!

You can read about the other advantages of choosing canned wines here on our blog.

Why Canned Wines?

The wine industry has traditionally had a very heavy carbon footprint. Empty glass bottles are transported around the world to be filled, then sent back in heavy containers. The travel and event sector has been dominated by small plastic PET bottles that contribute to tonnes of single use plastic going to landfill. Our co-founder Jack, having worked in the industry for over 10 years, thought there must be a better way to serve exceptional wine in a small format that is lighter, easy to transport and is infinitely recyclable. We carefully picked our grape varieties to taste great out of the can, fresh, easy to drink wines that can be enjoyed anywhere. 

Are Your Wines Organic?

Yes! Our wines are certified vegan by the Organic Food Federation. You can find the EU organic logo proudly displayed on our cans. Organic farming means our wines are made without the use of artificial chemicals, synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. We carefully select our wines from organic vineyards on the west coast of Sicily. By choosing organic wines, you support winemakers and vineyards that prioritise sustainable practices.

Are Your Wines Vegan?

Our wines are produced without the use of any animal-derived fining agents, making them 100% vegan and are certified by VeganOk. You can read more about what makes a wine not vegan on our blog post

Have Your Wines Won Any Awards?

Yes, plenty of awards! We received a coveted 94 points from Decanter Magazine for our Rosé, one of the highest scoring canned Rosés ever! Our Rosé also came out top at the Independent Canned Wine Awards along with our white wine which also won a silver medal. At the Drinks Business Travel Masters, all our wines won medals, Bronze for the white and rosé and our red came out top with a silver medal. 

Do Your Wines Contain Sulphites?

Yes, our wines contain a small amount of naturally present sulphites. When yeast, present on the skin of the grapes ferments, it produces sulphur which is present in the wine. In fact, because of the canning process, we keep our sulphur levels extremely low, almost a third of the levels you'll find in the wines on your supermarket shelf.

What Alcohol Percentage Are Your Wines?

Our White and Rosé are 12.5%, and our red wine is 13.5%.


Where Can I Buy Your Wines?

The best place to buy our wines is right here on our website. Delivery is free on all orders and we even carbon offset the delivery to you!

We currently deliver across mainland UK, and have recently partnered with Packfleet to offer carbon neutral deliveries in London. We are working on being able to buy our wines in the EU and beyond!

I Have An Issue With My Order, Who Do I Contact?

On the rare occasion that something goes wrong with your order, you can email us at ciao@vincawine.com

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

No problem, whilst we work on building a subscription dashboard on our website, you can cancel anytime by emailing ciao@vincawine.com

Do You Offer Refunds If I’m Not Happy?

You can find our refund policy here


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