What do you mean, my wine isn't vegan?

So, why is wine not vegan? Believe it or not, there are many animal byproducts used in the making of wine. You might be wondering why on earth these products would need to be used to make wine, and we don't blame you, it's a confusing topic. Rest assured, we're here to explain all this and reassure you that our organic canned wines are certified vegan-friendly.

Why is an animal product is used in winemaking?

Until the wine is processed for bottling or canning, it can look rather cloudy. This is perfectly normal, you can imagine it a bit like cloudy apple juice, or cloudy grape juice in our case. After the grapes have been pressed and the juice has been run off into big tanks, fermentation can begin. This is the fun part where sugar is eaten up by the yeast which is naturally present on the grape skin. The byproduct is, you guessed it, alcohol. It's when the winemaker wants to make the wine clear and bright, how you'd find it on the shelf or in a restaurant, where things get a bit tricky.

The Fining Process

The fining process isn't straightforward. And because of this, winemakers can add all kinds of chemicals and potions to bind all the cloudy bits together to make it easier for filtration. For a long time, egg white and gelatine were used because they were cheap and plentiful. But as the vegan trend has grown and consumers, quite rightly, don't want any animal products used in the making of their wine, alternatives had to be found.

Technology and natural-based fining agents have come a long way in the last 10 years. Today, there is no need to be using animal products to get a beautifully clear and bright wine. Sadly, many cheaper wines still use them. But not us, not ever.

Where You Can Buy Vegan Wine

Vinca Organic Canned wine is certified organic and vegan, meaning no animal products are used in fining or filtering of our wines. Proof that you can still make exceptional clean wine and still be vegan-friendly. If you're looking for the perfect vegan summer wine, try our organic pale Rosé.


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