3 Reasons To Buy Canned Wine

We love canned wine, there we said it. While we might be biased of course; there are plenty of reasons why you should join the millions starting to love it too. In a world that is adapting to consume less plastic, reduce carbon emissions and create less waste, canned wines are the obvious choice to enjoy wine without the fuss. 

Canned wine can also play a role for those looking to moderate their alcohol intake, as a can provides the perfect amount without the temptation of opening a whole bottle. With advancements in canning technology, we can now be truly proud of the quality of the wine in cans, with some of the greatest winemakers in the world switching to this modern format. 

Now savvy consumers are finding that the quality is the same or better than bottled wine, because an aluminum can is actually the perfect environment to keep wine fresh, free from light and oxidation. With all this considered, here are the top three reasons why you should buy canned wine. 

It’s Convenient 

Coming out of a period where the only thing we could do is hang out in parks, canned wines have carved out a niche for people wanting to enjoy cold, refreshing wine and not have to lug a glass bottle, corkscrew and glasses to see a friend.

The same goes for any outdoor activity where you might not want glass to burden your bags. We’ve enjoyed our pale Rosé on the beach, a boat ride down the Thames and on plenty of weekend train journeys. We love the fact you have a single serve can that keeps colder for longer. We've even created a handy picnic pack which includes a cotton cool bag, two picnic glasses and 4 cans.

It’s Sustainable 

The most polluting part of the lifecycle of wine is getting it to you. That’s because most wine is sold in heavy glass bottles which need to be shipped around the world with big gaps of air between bottles. By comparison, canned wine uses just a fraction of the weight and space, drastically reducing the carbon emissions.

There is no argument that aluminum cans are one of the most sustainable packages for drinks. Due to often being dyed green or brown, only a very small proportion of glass wine bottles get recycled, and only 7% of plastic bottles. Compare this to aluminium cans, of which 75% are recycled. Did you know that 80% of all aluminium produced since the dawn of time is still in circulation today. Take that plastic!

We also do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Our beautiful labels are printed on recycled paper made from leftover pressed grapes and we offset all our shipping including all deliveries placed on our website. We don’t think there is a more sustainable way to drink wine!

Canned Wine Is The Perfect Serve

Health has really had a kick in recent years, especially coming out of lockdown where people focused on their personal health and consumption more than ever. Instagram is flooded with fitness influencers teaching us how we can lead a balanced, healthy diet without compromising on fun or socialising.

We agree with the mantra echoed by many that we should all “drink better, not more”. Canned wines like Vinca are perfect for those still looking to enjoy great wine, but moderate the amount they consume. A 187ml can of Vinca Bianco is the same as one medium glass of wine in a pub. So you still get all the enjoyment of pouring a beautiful cold glass of wine, but not the temptation to polish off a bottle once it’s been opened. You’ll thank us later.

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