Why Gift Wine?

Gifting wine is a tricky business. Everyone loves it, but there is so much choice and everyone has different preferences. Wine is also inherently heavy and the boxes it comes in are heavy, so how can you eliminate this and make your wine purchase as eco-friendly as possible? Sending canned wine could be the perfect solution! 

What Makes Vinca Eco-Friendly?

Firstly, our wine comes in convenient 187ml aluminium cans. These are much better for the environment than heavy glass bottles, and contain over 75% recycled aluminium already and are infinitely recyclable. This is a huge saving on weight and will require far less co2 to deliver. 

Secondly, we've teamed up with Ecocart to make all of our orders carbon neutral. All orders carbon footprint gets calculated and offset by planting trees. That is a superb, eco-friendly way to make sure your wine gifts are planet friendly. 

Thirdly, creating an eco-friendly canned wine isn't just about the end carbon footprint in delivering you great canned wine. It starts at the vineyard. We use grapes that are organically grown in Sicily. The ethos around growing grapes in a sustainable, organic way ensures that steps are being put in place to protect the future generations of vineyard growers.

How To Choose Your Wine Gift

We created an easy guide to choosing your perfect eco-friendly gift here

Otherwise, just choose your pack of wine from our selection here, pop a gift message on at checkout, and we will take care of the rest. 







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